Help you choose the right credit card.

As you can see on our credit card portal, there is an abundance of credit card offers. We are often asked the following questions: Which credit card suits me? Which credit card is the best? To make your selection easier, we give you valuable tips and advice here. Unfortunately, there is no single credit cardRead more

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Maternity loans, loans for women on MD

Need a loan? Maternity leave (MD) is a big event in every family. This is a situation that the whole family expects a lot and it is therefore necessary to adapt the family budget to this period. Expenditure growth is virtually constant as the new offspring requires new and new purchases, but incomes tend toRead more

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A loan or an ATM deposit? Is it possible?

ATM specialists have been working for a long time to ensure that ATMs can successfully replace banks. Soon we will be able to set up an account or deposit at an ATM, take a loan with a withdrawal on site or even talk to a bank employee. More exposition at Cash withdrawals and deposits,Read more

Loan what you need to know

What are the types of documents we will come across as a borrower? What is a loan application? What does a professional loan agreement contain? What other documents should the lender provide? Loan – application form The loan application form is a very important document – the first one we will come across as potentialRead more